Survival Food Bars

Survival food bars are a great way to carry enough rations for multiple days at a time while also being extremely lightweight and are perfect for traveling. Generally, when people speak about a long-term food supply strategy they’re thinking with respect to weeks at a bare minimum and more realistically months. Survival food bars don’t have to be a short-term strategy and can be incorporated into your longevity plans as they can be stored and have a good shelf-life. Protein is an extremely important element within our diets and can’t be in almost any way omitted from a decent survival plan. That’s why it’s important to find foods which are good sources of protein that you can use to make survival food bars.

Survival Food Bars

What Are Survival Food Bars?

These are combinations of types of food that you can source and form into a solid piece that you can store and consume later after drying it. While nature can at times supply a solution within the wilderness, these groups of foods might not always be simple to access or harvest. Comfort foods might be a big morale booster during a distressing survival situation and this is something that has to be held in mind when starting to stockpile food and healthy foods also offer optimal fuel for power and muscle recovery and boost immunity to illness and disease.

This is exactly why survival food bars are by far among the best choices and are well-known among choices for food storage as it is one of the simplest foods to utilize in an actual emergency. Keep a close watch on the aggregate level of sodium and sugars in survival food bars to help you retain water and blood sugar levels. You may get by for some time without eating and portioning these bars can sustain you for even longer.


How To Make Survival Food Bars

In a survival situation, one particular block of 18 bars is enough to sustain someone for 3 days. As an overall rule of thumb, I would advise you have at least a 30-day stockpile of food readily available. With a strategy like this in place, you will have a continual stockpile of fresh and non-perishable foods. With high calorie emergency food bars you are able to be ready for such situations and possess the nutrition your own body needs to remain alert whilst waiting for help arrive and even though you could have at least something to cook on in a predicament free of electricity, the majority of people don’t and making your own survival food bars are a great way around this.

Raw, rolled oats could be soaked for half an hour, making them much more palatable for people who choose to eat uncooked and can be formed into a bar shape and dried. Plus, they’re a great source of carbohydrates. You could also use honey to make it stick together if you can find some. Dried fruits are also an amazing source of nutrients and can be molded together to form a survival food bar and you may also use techniques such as smoking your food before making it into a bar which can give you more flavor.

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